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Thank You !!

3B9SP DX Operation 2012


We would like to express our thank to the DX-community worldwide for the cooperation and understanding we were able to notice during the 8 days of our DX operation.

We thank all of you for your kind words both in e-mails and on the air. Thank you also for the nice comments you made in our guestbook, which showed us that we were on the right way. You were one part of the success this operation had.

More than 24’000 QSOs were established, of which 48% with EU, 30%  with W/K and 19% with JA. That's almost one W/K after every 2 EU throughout the whole operation. A difficult task, since many EU stations were terribly angry with our NA calls. But we are happy that many W/K stations were able to work us, especially the W6/7 stations we could provide a new country. The pileups were big and never let up and it was a pleasure to work DX signals from all over the world. We tried the best we could to work all the bands. It was frustrating at times to know that many desired us to be on a particular band/mode at specific times. We simply could not be everywhere and tried our best to balance the operation.

We would like to thank the Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) in Mauritius for making this operation possible.

This expedition was planned as a low-budget operation with a minimum of sponsoring.

So we want to thank all of our equipment sponsors; your equipment worked without any problem. The Elecraft equipment with three K3-transceivers and two KPA500-amps did an excellent job: everybody of the team was happy with the superior performance of this station configuration.

And to the foundations, clubs and individuals who helped us, we are most appreciative of your generosity. We especially appreciated the help and support from our “home” Swiss DX Foundation.

The QTH Résidence Foulsafat about 30 m over the sea level and 400 m away from the Indian Ocean gave us plenty of room for antennas and was perfect. A warm thank you goes to our hosts Antoinette and Benoît Jolicoeur. We felt like home. It was a pleasure staying with you.

The QSL cards will be printed soon. Please follow the links for QSL and online QSL information.

The operators were hams, not machines, so we ask you to understand, that we were not faultless, as well as you aren’t.

We are very proud of our team as they performed remarkably well under all conditions.  Installing antennas by strong winds due to cyclone Anais passing close was quite a challenge, even having no damage during the first two days of the operation. They never complained about the job and working the endless pileups was a pleasure for them. Every team member experienced some type of problem at time or another, but fortunately we didn’t have any serious problem that we couldn’t manage. Everyone is home and fine now.

We want to express our thanks to our two team members who stayed at home. Sébastien, HB9ICC, our pilot station and Jacky, 3B8CF, coordination in Mauritius. You were an important part of the operation.

We trust you all had as much fun working us as we did getting those 24,000 contacts into the log.

Again thank you all for your support and Ham Spirit, we really appreciated.

Michel, HB9BOI, leader
Herbert, HB9BOU, co-leader
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